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The Money Pit

“The house looks like it’s smiling now,” my mom told me as she backed out the driveway of my ugly ranch fixer-upper.

My mom, the optimist.

We’re into week three of fixing up my first house and I pulled in the driveway one day to find a potted mum.The one nice thing on the doorstep of my ugly house, thanks to my mom.

I laughed and waved as she made her way out of my driveway and I turned to look at my ugly house.

She was right.

It’s starting to look less and less like the scary dirty home no one wants to visit.

The dangerous warped deck sitting at the back of the house has been completely cleaned up, the mangled mess of trees around the driveway has been cut back and the front flower beds have been cleaned up and ready for a new look.

My mind is like swiss cheese from looking at paint samples and roof colors.

I never dreamed it would be so hard picking out a roof color.

I guess just knowing that whatever I choose will be on there for the next thirty years has me second guessing myself.

I’ve decided on either gray, light brown or dark brown. I’ve asked my mom, my dad, my boyfriend and anyone who would stand there and listen.

I’ve even tried to upload a photo of my house and “Photoshop” the roof color to visualize the different looks.

Finally, after talking to the roofer, aka “expert,” he finally helped me make up my mind to go with a burnt sienna.

I guess that’s just a pretty way of saying dark brown.

Now the outside of the house just needs a coat of paint and a new roof and then it won’t just look like it’s smiling, it will look like it just won the Mega-Million jackpot.

Well, I guess I won’t go that far.