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Treacherous roads

TUSCOLA COUNTY — It wasn’t exactly a white Christmas but Ol’ Man Winter is here now, and causing some problems on roadways.

During the first snow of the season, there generally are a lot of property damage accidents and minor personal injury accidents until people get using to icy roads and driving slow.

“We handled quite a few,” said Michigan State Police Trooper Jeff Heronemus with the Caro post. “We had three cars out, and they each handled a couple of accidents.”

According to Heronemus, there was only one personal injury accident that occured on Tuesday, but information on it wasn’t available as of press time.

The Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department hasn’t been quite as busy.

“We’ve only handled eight in the last couple of days,” said Tuscola County Undersheriff Glen Skrent.

Each year during the first couple of winter storms, there are always dozens of accidents until winter driving skills are relearned.

It takes a while for people to remember they shouldn’t drive as fast, and that it takes a lot longer to stop, and is also, at times, trickier to stop on slippery roads.

Motorists should slow down even when there isn’t any snow on the ground. When temperatures dip to low 30s, there could be black ice on roadways.

Just use common sense and remember how to do winter driving, noted Tuscola County Sheriff Lee Teschendorf.

When there is “ice and snow, take it slow!”

Also, because of a steady decrease in road funding and an increase in costs, state and local agencies have had to alter their winter maintenance plans. Plowing priorities and the use of less salt will make winter-driving skills even more important than in years past.